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Amogh Varsha Environmental Engineering Solutions Private Limited completed various projects on EIA, Hydrological and Hydrogeological Studies, Remote Sensing Studies, Biomass Estimation, Flood Risk Assessment and Water audit etc…

Completed Projects

70 EIA projects

Completed around 70 EIA projects which includes, building & construction, Township & Area development projects, Sugar and Distillery, Mining of Minerals, River Valley, Metallurgical Industries (Ferrous), Cement Plants, Asbestos, Synthetic organic chemicals industry, Port, harbours, break waters and dredging, Highways, Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) and Oil & Gas Pipeline etc.

3 Hydrological and Flood Risk Modeling

Completed 3 Hydrological and Flood Risk Modeling Study using HEC-RAS Software for proposed Township and area development projects, Building & Construction. As per CGWA guidelines, we did 2 CGWA - NOC for groundwater extraction.

90 Geological and hydrogeological projects

Surveyed and studies around 90 Geological and hydrogeological projects in the Maharashtra as well as around the entire India. For geological study we did reconninance survey in and around the existing and proposed projects. for Hydrogeological we did well inventory study around the proposed project in circular radius as well as river catchment

5 Rainwater harvesting site

Around 5 Rainwater harvesting site selection using hydrogeological and geophysical techniques for surface storm water and rooftop rainwater collection and percolate it beneath the subsurface. We design percolation tank, total number of pits, ponds for water accumulation by RWH and water Audit

50 Land cover analysis for EIA

Completed around 50 land use / land cover analysis for EIA as well as other infrastructure projects. Completed land use land cover projects using IRS - LISS_III & LISS_IV satellite images and other open source satellite images like SRTM & LandSat from NASA and Sentinel from ESA.

2 Projects for Biomass Estimation

Around 2 Projects Completed for Biomass Estimation and NPP for Carbon sequestration study for proposed site for wastewater treatment at mangrove.

2 Projects on Carbon Footprint

Around 2 projects on Carbon Footprint. Carbon footprint study done for pharmaceutical industries

Case Studies

Hydrological And Flood Risk Assessment Study
Hydrological And Flood Risk Assessment Study

Hydrological And Flood Risk Assessment Study For Proposed Township Projects At Vasai, Palghar District, Maharashtra, By DDPL Infrastructure.

Project Name: Flood risk assessment study for proposed township project of DDPL, Global Infrastructure, Village – Tivri, Taluka – Vasai & District – Palghar
Project Client: M/s. DDPL, Global Infrastructure, Kandivali (West), Mumbai
Task Assigned: Hydrological study in catchment and study area of proposed township project, study includes – Catchment Delineation and generation of topographic contours and DEM, Morphometric Analysis, Hydrological modeling using HEC-RAS software.

• Geological / Hydrogeological survey and data analysis
• Hydrological and Flood Risk Assessment Study
• Flood Risk Modeling using HEC-RAS Software
• Generation of DEM Using SRTM at QGIS Software
• River Morphology study using SOI Toposheet
• Design Storm water drain around proposed plot boundary

Designed garland drain, proposed sump
Hydrological And Flood Risk Assessment Study


Project Name: Water resource stewardship in Sukinda valley region, Project by Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd (IMFA), Sukinda, Jajpur District, Orissa, India.
Project Client: RSMGC Advisory / IMFA, Orissa, India
Task Assigned: Designed garland drain, proposed sump for ETP. Generation of 2D contour and 3D topographic model using GIS and Surfer software, Selection of Hyper-accumulation of Hexavalent Chromium Plant – for reducing the chromium from mining surface water.

• Design Mine Surface water catchment
• Design Proposed Sump
• Calculated total water accumulation in open mine during wet season
• Design pump capacity and proposed number of pumps
• Design rainwater harvesting in existing buildings at mine area
• Design Storm water garland drain within mine area

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