Environmental Studies

The organisation is driven by its core team of experts consisting of geologists, geophysicist, engineers, environmental scientists, and project managers.

Environmental Studies / Feasibility study / Rainwater harvesting / Solid waste management

The word ‘environment’ is derived from the old French word ‘environer’ – which means to ‘surround, enclose, and encircle’.
All living beings including man and their environment are mutually reactive, affecting each other in a number of ways. It is generally equated with nature wherein physical components of the planet earth such as earth, air, water, etc. support and affect life in the biosphere.

  Feasibility study for development Projects
  Rainwater harvesting & recharge structures.
  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), SEIA, CIA
  Engineering design for water treatment plants
  Environmental audit / statement
  Solid waste management

About Environment

“ Climate change affects us all, but it does not affect us all equally. The poorest and most vulnerable – those who have done the least to contribute to global warming – are bearing the brunt of the impact today ”

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, UN